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Archive for January, 2011

The friendly face of Chinese scams
[ 3 ] January 26, 2011

China Scams Part 3: The Poser

In China taking a photo is not as straight forward as just snapping away and if you don’t know what to look out for you just might find yourself being charged for that photo!

Chinese Spirituality on the Sea
[ 8 ] January 16, 2011

Chinese Spirituality on the Sea

In sea side towns and cities throughout China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Tian Hou plays a vital role in the culture, believed to bring luck and prosperity to seafarers.

Support the Queensland Flood Relief Effort
[ 0 ] January 14, 2011

Support the Queensland Flood Relief Effort

Support the Queensland Flood Victims by donating money or by spreading the word on your blog!

Putuoshan Island
[ 11 ] January 14, 2011

China, a Country of Unknown Beaches

Could China be the next IT! beach destination? From north to south I search for a beach destination that could redeem China’s bad reputation for beaches.

Rediscovering China, Rediscovering Inspiration
[ 3 ] January 7, 2011

Rediscovering China, Rediscovering Inspiration

Writer’s block, when it comes it feels like the most incurable illness and when it hit me I needed to get out of the rut and rediscover China, rediscover inspiration quickly before I went mad!