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5 Ways For Digital Nomads To Continue Travelling When Funds Are Low

[ 0 ] April 10, 2014 |

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Anyone living a largely location independent lifestyle will find times in their life where their incoming cash flow can slow right down.  If you’re working on projects that are seasonal or for clients who are slow payers you’ve no doubt discovered this for yourself!

If you have plans to travel during these periods you’ll need to know some easy ways to save on cash.  No one wants to be stuck inside in a new city because they haven’t been paid for their last invoice.

Here’s 5 easy ways for digital nomads to continue travelling when money is tight:

Make sure you choose a cheap destination to visit

There’s no point booking yourself in for 3 months in Copenhagen when all you can really afford is 3 months in Bangkok!  Choose places with cheap accommodation, cheap food and cheap transport, as these will be your three biggest expenses. Stopping in that cheap location for longer periods is also a great way to make your money last longer. Monthly rental rates are cheaper than nightly rates. It gives you the chance to scope out the cheap places to eat and you save money on transport since you aren’t travelling.

Make sure there’s a chance of getting decent Wi-Fi

You can’t always tell this in advance but you can certainly do a bit of research to find out what others have experienced.  Having a suitable Wi-Fi connection means you can keep working and keep generating cash.  Maybe you could do a few small jobs for quick payment to tide you over until the other money hits your PayPal account.

Find others to share your expenses

Many tours or experiences have a set price that covers 4 or 6 people.  If you are just one or two that can mean these outings are outside your budget.  Buddy up with others from your hotel or even someone fun you meet at the beach and split your costs.

Have an emergency account just for these situations

Having a stash of money put aside that you access when you are waiting on invoices can be a lifesaver and enable you to continue travelling until you are paid.  Just make sure you re-stock that account each time.  Otherwise you’ll come unstuck at some point in the future.

Eat local food

This is a tip that is often repeated but it’s one of the easiest ways to make your cash stretch.  In tourist places like Khao San Road in Bangkok, for example, you’ll pay more to eat on this one street than you will in the back streets of the city.  You’ll probably find meals that are the same price in the backstreets but you’ll generally receive almost twice as much food.  That’s pretty important if you consume a lot of food!  Locals always pay less since they know where to get the best deals.  Find out where they hang out and you’ll save big.

These are just 5 easy ways to continue your travelling lifestyle when funds are tight and I’m sure you can think of plenty more.  It’s always best not to panic when the bank account starts to run low.  Have a plan ahead of time and you’ll be able to sail through with a few small adjustments.

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