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Instead of having yet another boring about me bla bla page I thought I’d open it up to you the readers and ask what you want to know about me!  But before I get to the questions I know your dying to read the answers to here is a little about me in a nutshell…

I’m a little 5 ft 2, 22 year old Aussie girl who often gets mistaken as Eastern European, disappointing many when they find out I’m actually from that place called Australia where they ride kangaroos for transport!!!  I’m a self confessed travel nut, photo taking fanatic, hand sanitiser lover, former road phobic, culture enthusiast who is slightly obsessed with architecture (this has seen me trip and walk into a my fare share of poles and trees while admiring that amazing building). Travel is my obsession, my guilty pleasure, the thing that keeps me motivated and the thing that will one day send me to the loony bin!!!


Probing questions from you the readers…


Where have you been and where do you plan to travel next?

Thus far I’ve travelled to 23 different countries throughout Europe and Asia. I’m currently living in Shanghai, China.  What started as a plan to live in China for just 6 months has already extended to 1 year and beyond, who knows when I’ll drift off into a new life in yet another country.  For now I’m loving living in China, learning more about the culture everyday and well I must admit doing my fair share of partying.  But although I’m stationary at the moment travel is in my very near future with an impending trip to one of my favourite countries Thailand and more domestic China travel on the cards.

Why do you travel?

First and foremost I travel to get all those tacky novelty tourist pictures!  No seriously what I think drives my burning desire to travel is my fascination with cultures and seeing firsthand the contrast between how people live.  What I love about travel is constantly discovering how different we all are yet how our principle similarities bind us together. It’s the people I meet and the likelihood of meeting more amazing people while traveling that spurs me on to work my way to that next great adventure.

Funniest moment while travelling?

There have been so many!  The most recent was walking around Beijing in a Panda hat like a child!  The looks I got in the subway were priceless and the pics with forever give me endless laughs!

Most embarrassing travel moment?

Oh this is easy! On a Contiki tour of Europe I had managed to spend a month tripping my way around Europe without ever actually falling flat on my face!  But that was to change, on the last night in Amsterdam equipped with my new heels after weeks wearing flats I managed to trip on the bus stairs and tumbled all the way down in front of a whole bunch of people.  I had a bruise on my leg the size of a melon and got the strangest looks walking around London over the next few days.

What luxury item will you not leave home without?

I hate to admit it!  But I always travel with a hair straighter! Although I’ve smartened up and stopped traveling with my GHD and now travel with a mini hair straighter great for those fringe touchups but not so great for straightening a whole head of long hair like mine!

Is there anywhere you won’t visit?

There are lots of countries I’d love to visit like Afghanistan but I wouldn’t dare go there anytime soon! Countries in war or with an extremely poor security record I’ll leave to people a lot braver than me while I enviously watch their documentaries and read their books.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Hopefully traveling somewhere or working in the travel industry spreading the word about  how amazing our world is.

Forget time, money and all logistical restrictions. What is your dream trip?

I’ve always dreamed of cruising the Mediterranean around Greece and Turkey.  When people think of the Greek Islands they think of Santorini, Mykonos and the Cyclades but there are 100s of islands all with their own unique culture and history. It would be amazing to yacht around spending as long as I liked at each place really taking in the history and culture all the while eating delicious food!

Do you prefer to travel alone, with a group, a friend or family member?

I love the flexibility and freedom of solo travel, pursuing my own interests and getting extremely lost then finding my own way! I also love the social dynamics of traveling in a group. Some of my favourite travel moments have been travelling in groups!  For me the perfect travel combination is a balance between solo travel and travel with people whom you can stand to spend every waking minute with and still be laughing with at the end!

What country are you most intrigued by?

This changes all the time. The more I get educated about different places the more intrigued I get.  At the moment China really intrigues me. It has had such a turbulent and unique history that still has so much baring on the people and their attitudes in the present.

How do you fund your adventures?

The key for me is hard work and spending only within my means. I don’t believe in getting myself into debt to fund my travels, the last thing I want to do is have a massive travel debt to pay off and thus far have never travelled with a credit card. To save up for my first very expensive two month trip to Europe I worked two jobs sometimes 10 days at a time. It was hard work but I enjoyed every minute of spending it!

Why travel, not knitting, soccer or horseback riding?

Well I was never fantastic at soccer (football) and have a fear of riding horses. Don’t get me wrong I do love knitting but it doesn’t give me the same adrenalin rush that I get from travel and the excitement of discovering new things.  My natural curiosity and a thirst for adventure always has me going back for more!

Does climate effect your decision about where to go?

YES! I do try an avoid winter as much as possible and go where its nice and warm!  I don’t cope too well in the cold, it turns me into a chronic winger and no one wants to be around that!

In 21 years time when you turn 42 will you still be writing about Gap Year Travel?

Definitely! It’s highly likely that at age 42 I may even be on yet another Gap Year!  I think taking a Gap Year is so valuable, I don’t ever want to stop writing about it and encouraging people to take the Gap Year plunge.

Why did you start this site?

I started this site to feed my travel cravings while I was stuck at home.  I thought why not share everything I had learnt from travelling and studying tourism.   I wanted to share all the great resources I wish I had known about when I was planning my own gap year and travelling escapades.

How do you feel about Bacon?

I am really thankful that there are many pigs out there with large rear ends.  There is nothing like eating crispy bacon, you don’t even need an occasion.  But when travelling on a budget when you resort to eating plain loaves of bread to cut down cost, only then do you truly appreciate the deliciousness of bacon!!!

Thanks to Chris – The Aussie Nomad, Jackie – Lets Sit Outside, Anthony- The Travel Tart and Ayngelina – Bacon is Magic for submitting such fantastic questions! If you have a probing question you would like to submit then please leave it as a comment on the What Do You Want to Know About Me page!

Happy Travels!!!

Sasha Peakall