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Photo Glimpse: Chateau de Versailles

[ 1 ] June 27, 2010 |

Hall of Mirrors

There’s something that can be said about power hungry Kings, they build beautiful palaces!  In 1692 Louis XIV moved the French court from its power centre in Paris to Versailles in an attempt to gain more control over the government.  But Louis otherwise known as the Sun King (le Roi Soleil) didn’t just want another palace like the former palace in Paris now the Louvre, he wanted something more grand and lavish to rival all European palaces asserting his power and grander. Hence Le Chateau de Versailles (The Palace of Versailles) was born.  And rival them it does!

Between the massive gardens and the royal apartments I could have spent a whole day exploring thing amazing place when i visited in 2008.  Just waiting in line was an epic task, you could easily spend hours just trying to get a ticket.  I was lucky enough to avoid the lines thanks to a kind Frenchman (palace staff) who took pity on my group for missing the free English guided tour.  Once I got inside I was blown away, if I had to have waited in line for 4 hours it still would have been well worth the wait!

The interior of the royal apartments is a spectacular display of baroque design though most furnishings are sadly not original as the palace was stripped of possessions during the French Revolution .  The walls are lined with delicate wallpapers, beautiful paintings of royalty and noblemen of the past with glittering crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceilings.  The three most memorable and spectacular views of Versailles Royal Apartments were Mary Antoinette’s bedroom, the amazing hall of mirrors (pictured above) with the seemingly endless sky of chandeliers and the calming yet majestic Royal Chapel.

Tip:  To avoid the lines pre purchase your ticket online.


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  1. Dina says:

    I’m lucky enough to be able to visit this place twice! One of my favourite spot around Paris. When I was small I read a Japanese manga about Marie Antoinette, and I got intrigued by it. Year 2000 went with my sister there, unfortunately the Petit Trianon was not open. Luckily when I went there again with Ryan on 2009, it was open! And I got to see the famous picture of her holding a rose (well, I don’t know how famous, but the picture stuck in my mind for many years since I read the manga).
    Too bad the place has such a sad history…

    (btw, do you need to update the commonluv? it says so under this comment box…)

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