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Brazil – feel the heat

[ 0 ] April 11, 2014 |

There can be no more exciting place to be on the planet than Brazil in the summer of 2014. Brazil has a strong claim to be the most exciting country in the world full stop. But add the World Cup into the mix in the land which has virtually made football its own and you really do have it all – unless you aren’t a football fan of course, in which case you’d better try and spend the summer in Greenland or perhaps Antarctica!

The World Cup will be played across twelve different venues covering the whole country – with the final at the famous Maracana stadium on Sunday July 13th. This will be the first time that the most successful nation in the history of world football has hosted the world’s biggest sporting tournament since 1950. And back then, TV coverage was sporadic and not all the European countries took the tournament very seriously.

Maracanã stadium

No one would make that claim today, of course, and the World Cup final could well be the most-watched event in world history – so it doesn’t get much bigger.

So what will be really interesting is to see how the host nation fare. As things stand, Brazil are favourites to be lifting the World Cup winner’s trophy with Betfair, the world’s biggest sporting exchange, offering a little over 3-1. But no Brazilian side has felt the heat of home favouritism in the modern era and this could well be their undoing. Let’s be honest if the competition was in any European country, Brazil probably wouldn’t be the favourites. What’s more, Argentina have what is probably a better side than their near neighbours and bitter rivals – and they’d like nothing better than to out one over on the hosts on their own backyard.

Oh and by the way – back in 1950, Brazil lost the deciding match to their other near neighbours Uruguay.

It promises to be a scorching summer!

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