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European Cycling Holidays

[ 0 ] October 1, 2013 |

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Taking a cycling tour around Europe gives you a chance to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world from the seat of your bike. There are many routes to choose from that can take you all across Europe. You can pick one of several routes that have been mapped out by EuroVelo. Whether you want to spend a few days or even a few weeks on your trip, there is a perfect route to take you through some stunning landscapes.

Before you get ready to hit the road, you want to make sure you have the right equipment and clothing for your trip. You want to find clothes that fit comfortably and won’t chafe while at the same time protect you from the elements. Endura clothing is one of the preferred brands by cyclist who travel the EuroVelo routes.

A good bike is one that will not only get you from point A to Z but can withstand varying terrains and is lightweight enough to pick up and carry when needed. Ibis bikes are an excellent choice for serious cyclists.

Here are some of the most popular routes from EuroVelo. Most routes take the average cyclist several months to complete. If you don’t have that much time for your cycling holiday, choose a section from one of these routes that can be completed in your time frame.

On average, cyclists can complete 60 miles a day. If you only have a week for your trip, choose a route that is only about 400 miles. If you plan to make it a roundtrip route, cut that mileage in half.

Capitals Route

The Capitals Route (EV2) starts in Ireland and winds its way through the United Kingdom, into the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belarus and Russia. You can start out in Galway and ride the 129 miles to Dublin. From there, take the 2-hour ferry ride across to Holyhead in the UK. Then it’s a 257-mile ride to Bristol. There are any number of ways to break down the route. You can choose to start in the UK instead or anywhere along EV2, depending on which route you prefer, to make a route that fits with your schedule.

Pilgrim’s Route

The Pilgrim’s Route follows along the same path that Pilgrims have been traveling for centuries. Many start out in Norway and make their way down through Sweden and Denmark, into Germany and Belgium before crossing France and finally Spain to end at Santiago de Compostela. The full route is 3,183 miles. If you want to do just the final stretch of the trip, it is just 497 miles.

Mediterranean Route

Cycling the Mediterranean Route will take you from Cadiz in Spain all the way across to Athens, Greece. The total route in 3,348 miles and takes you through cities like Barcelona and Venice. You can easily break this route down into something that fits in better with your cycling schedule and still take in some amazing Mediterranean countryside.


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