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“I Was There”— Florida for Film and TV Lovers

[ 0 ] February 18, 2014 |

Ocean Drive Miami Beach, Fl.

If you’ve ever wanted a vacation where you get some sun, and to relive scenes from your favorite television and movies, look no further than Florida. The pristine weather and gorgeous backdrops make it a haven for actors and filmmakers alike. So if you’re itching for a different kind of holiday, take a flight to Florida. You can see the settings of your favorite scenes up close, all while working on that elusive tan.

Diary of a Serial Killer — Dexter

Dexter’s wardrobe item of choice, a short-sleeved button-up, is the first giveaway that the show is based out of Miami. The filming is mostly done in Los Angeles, but Miami is still home to many key scenes in the show. The very first scene shows Dexter driving alone at night, with the neon lights of downtown Miami in the background. The street he’s cruising along is actually Ocean Drive, one of the most famous streets in the city. Here art deco hotels and boutique stores dot the landscape. It’s also the same street used when Debra finds the ice truck in episode two.

Going Gangster — Scarface

Keeping it in Miami, many scenes from this famous gangster movie were filmed here as well. Much of the filming took place at the aforementioned Ocean Drive. The famous chainsaw scene took place right in 728 Ocean Drive, which is now a Johnny Rockets restaurant. For a location that you can experience firsthand, head to the Fontaine Bleu hotel on Miami Beach. Besides being an architecturally impressive hotel, it’s where Manny gives Tony Montana a lesson in picking up women while sitting poolside.

In the Name of the Law — Miami Vice

The most well-known of shows based in Florida, Miami Vice, was mostly filmed in Miami. Today South Beach is renowned for its pristine beaches and nightlife, but when Miami Vice was shooting? Not so much. Back then empty storefronts were turned into makeshift businesses and the elderly snowbirds were replaced by scantily clad women. Even so, a stroll through South Beach is sure to evoke memories of Crockett and Tubbs, and best yet, the famous hot tub in the opening scene is still at the Atlantis Condos. To take a dip in there, however, you’re gonna need a friend from the building.

“Fore!” — Caddyshack

Even though “Bushwood Country Club” was supposed to be set in Nebraska, the site of this cult comedy classic is actually located in Fort Lauderdale. The Grande Oaks Golf course is where Noonan made his name, but if you want to play you need to find a willing member as a partner, as it’s a private club. Watch out for that gopher though!


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