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Interesting and Magical Places in Myanmar

[ 0 ] February 12, 2013 |

With the first democratic elections in 2 decades, Myanmar is quickly becoming the next ‘off-the-beaten-track’ tourist destination South East Asia. Formally known as Burma, the country has a long, rich history and beautiful culture that until recently has remained fairly untouched by tourism and western influences. With the opening of their borders and the arrival of tourists this is changing so now is the perfect time to get away and go far across the world to check out the beauty of Myanmar

This area is so full of life and fun things to do for every one of all ages. Join one of the small group tour operators that visit Myanmar to get all the historic information you need to know or just cool facts about the hotspots in the area. You can choose from many different tours, depending on what length you want or if you want to know the place like a local.


Yangon is of course where most people arrive into Myanmar. The city is a diverse mix of new and old. The cars are perhaps the oldest part!

Yangon is home to the stunning Shwedagon pagoda. This 2,600 year old Buddhist pagoda is an important part of the Myanmar Buddhist’s religion. This beautiful area is a perfect thing to talk about with friends once you return home and if you want amazing photos to share with them, go at sunset. However if a cultural experience is what you are after, visit the temple on a Friday when monks from nearby areas visit the temple. You’ll find most are eager to practice their English so you can share in a wonderful cultural exchange experience.

Yangon, Shewadagon

Near to Yangon is the port city of Thanlyin, home of a stunning floating Ye Le Pagoda. It may take a lot of walking but it is certainly worth it. This temple is home to a large golden zedi surrounded by smaller temples that look amazing. Lion statues guard the east entrance and visitors get a taste of the lifestyle the occupants shared in the past. Visitors are shown how to make Myanmar letters through a compass. From the temple head over to the market that features home grown bananas and fish caught by others. Everything is organic and tasty and possibly unlike the food in your area. Enjoy the simple life and be enriched with the history of the land that has amazing architect.


When most people think of ancient ruined cities in Asia they think of Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples, but the ruins at Bagan in Myanmar are even more extensive. Some are in the process of being restored, others sit quietly crumbling in the jungle. Even if you are visiting here with a guide I’d recommend also planning on having the time to rent a bicycle and explore for an afternoon at your own leisure. And if you can drag yourself out of bed or away from dinner, a sunset or sunrise viewing is a must!


No matter what your interests are Myanmar will surely have something you will enjoy. So be sure to set up your perfect get away that you will always remember. Get out and explore the beauty of other countries.

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