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The 4 Best Hiking Holidays Around the World

[ 0 ] September 24, 2013 |

A truly memorable hiking trip will take you deep into the heart of the place, giving you the chance to see things the average hiker will never know. You will learn more about the history and culture of a place when you delve deeper into its stunning landscape.

There are plenty of places where you can go hiking for a few hours. But to capture the true essence of a place, you need to spend more time with it. Plan to take a few days to be out on the trail and be ready to face any conditions. Know what the weather like will be for those days. What are the average highs and lows for the area? Will you need lightweight clothing or should you add some Icebreaker Clothing for added layers?

For a multi-day hiking holiday, be sure to have a durable pack to keep all of your necessary supplies. Osprey Rucksacks are highly recommended by hikers because they are both strong and lightweight plus water-resistant. You will have plenty of room for your gear, snacks and water and extra clothing. They even have a great range of smaller backpacks, suitable for women and children.

To know exactly what gear you will need for your hiking holiday, first you need to know just where you would like to go. Here are four of the best places from around the world to spend a few days exploring on foot.

Mount Kailash, Tibet

Mount Kailash in Tibet is a sacred place, and because of this climbing the mountain itself is not permitted. The Hindus believe that the god Shiva meditates at the top of the 22,028-foot peak. The Jains, Buddhists, Ayyavazhi and Bon also believe that the area is a holy place. For this reason, no human has reached the summit.

Though climbing the mountain is off-limits, trekkers can still hike the 32 miles that surround Mt. Kailash. If spiritual enlightenment is what you seek, walking this path with the other pilgrims will take you to meditation sites at waterfalls, the Dolma La Pass and a sacred cave of Zuthal Puk. You can also go for a swim in Lake Manasarovar, which is the highest lake in the world at 15,060 feet.


Santa Cruz Trek, Peru

If you want to have a little more solitude on a hiking trip, away from the larger crowds in the Himalayas or the Inca Trail, the Cordillera Blanca route in Peru could be what you’re looking for. The mountains are breathtaking with a collection of 33 summits over 18,000 feet.

Punta Union Pass

Spreading this trek across four days, you can get a little bit of everything on the Santa Cruz hike. You will cross the Punta Union Pass at 15,580 feet. The trek starts in Huaraz, known as the “hiking capital of Peru.” There, you can hire guides or just meet with fellow trekkers who are planning to hike the 30+ miles of trails. Visit Laguna Churup at 14,600 feet up and take a dip in the amazingly blue water.

Laguna Churup

Bibbulmun Track, Australia

This trek in Western Australia is great for every type of hiker, from the lone trekker to a family eager to get into the outdoors. The 600 miles of trails are divided into 58 sections, with each section taking roughly one day to hike and there are also many shelters along the way. The Bibbulmun Track is called the Australian Appalachian Trail. Travelers can explore the wonderful flora and fauna native to the continent while winding through the trails. It was created in order to give city-dwellers a chance to get out and do a walkabout in the way of the aboriginals.

Along the way, you will see many rare and native species as well as get the opportunity to visit with hikers from around the world. You can spend a few days on the trails or even a few weeks. Be sure to plan your trek according to the seasons so you are prepared for the conditions you will face and avoid the wet season. Most people hike the trail between March – December, with September – November being the best months since the bush is filled with wildflowers.

Bibbulmun Track WA

West Highland Way, Scotland

The West Highland Way was opened to trekkers in 1980, taking visitors deep into the heart of the rugged Scottish landscape up into the Highlands. Experience rocky peaks and sweeping grasslands. Climb the Devil’s Staircase and skirt the shores of Loch Lomond. Enjoy stops at local villages for an authentic Scottish meal of Haggis and wash the dust from your throat with a local single malt.

the road is long

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