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Your best summer: travel the Whitsundays by boat

[ 0 ] December 21, 2012 |

Located in North Queensland, the Whitsundays is perhaps one of the most stunning destinations you will ever lay your eyes upon. Touted as a piece of paradise, these islands are picturesque and a beautiful slice of Utopia you’d be unfortunate to miss.

When it comes to travelling the Whitsundays, there are a few options. However, if you truly want to experience all the region has to offer, the best way to travel is by sea. If you’re planning a holiday to one of Australia’s most stunning regions, here are a few ways you can travel the Whitsundays by boat and enjoy your holiday in style.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

Hire a boat

Many companies in the Whitsundays (such as Whitsunday Escape) allow you to hire boats, and some even allow you to partake in a bareboat charter – this means you have to skipper the boat yourself, but the company can provide extras if you need. One of the best things about hiring a boat is that you can explore areas at your own pace, anchor your boat whenever you fancy, and take a dip into the crystal clear ocean. With catamarans and power cruisers, there are a multitude of options – just make sure you have enough food on board to last you the duration of your hire!

Sail the Whitsundays

If you’re bored of catamarans and want something more luxurious, a sailboat is the perfect option to use as transport around the Whitsundays. Companies like Sailing Whitsundays offer day and overnight trips around the islands, including snorkelling and diving adventures – they even offer couples tours as well! With tall sailboats and sleepers under the deck for overnight trips, you’ll want to buy your own boat and sail away – which brings us to…

Finance your own boat

If you love the Whitsundays and want to return every year, it may be time to think about ways to save money by owning a boat. While boat refinance can be confusing and you may not have the cash to pay for a boat upfront, there are always options – for example, consider investing in a timeshare boat where you have it for two weeks in the summer and two weeks in the winter. This cuts down costs, and it means that every year, you have an excuse to escape to the Whitsundays – now that’s a Christmas holiday that everyone loves!

DSC84/Australia/Whitsunday Magic Boat/Prow view

Adele Freedman is a writer who is planning her next trip to the Whitsundays. This time, she’s going to go for a week-long sailing adventure – it’s going to be amazing!

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