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The Travel Tart

Combining my two favourite things travel and humor, Anthony does a superb job of telling the quirky, offbeat and humorous travel tales as well as sharing some great travel tips.  Guaranteed his blog will have you in stitches of laughter! @thetraveltart on Twitter

The Aussie Nomad

Follow Chris’s  journey from the day he decided to travel through to quitting his everyday 9 to 5 job and setting off to travel the world.  His blog offers practical tips and advice for Australian’s and anyone else taking the career break plunge.  Check out his post Applying for UK Youth Mobility Visa a practical account of the process he went through to get legal to work in the UK!  @theaussienomad on Twitter

Monkey Brewster

Cornelius Aesop is easily the coolest travelling monkey around.  Not only is he great fun on twitter he also writes really helpful posts for all those up and coming no list bloggers@CorneliusAesop on Twitter

Travels of Adam

Adam is a 25 year old Graphic Designer from Boston who is about to head off on a Round the World Adventure.  He has some really great posts on his site for up and comming bloggers including Travel Blog Guide to Facebook fan Welcome Pages and A Travel Blogger’s Guide to Using Stumble Upon. @travelsofadam on Twitter

Twenty Something Travel

Steph of Twenty Something Travel has the same outlook on youth travel as i do ‘Why Wait to See the World?’.  Her blog is all about encouraging young people to get out there and travel!  I love all her posts but I particularly love her post 5 Reasons to Visit the Balkans Now it sure makes me want to hop and a plane and go there instantly! @20sTravel on Twitter

Illuminated Traveller

What I love about this blog is Adam’s outlook on travel “Travelling to Learn”.  I completely identify with this outlook!  If you love looking at beautiful photography and reading writing with depth then you should definitely check out this blog.  One of my favourite posts is Exploring the Atlas Mountains accompanied with beautiful photos.   @adamaxon on Twitter

Spunky Girl Monologues

Pam from Spunky Girl Monologues is a passionate traveller and photographer.  She’s heading off on an open ended  RTW trip in August 2010. In the meantime there is plenty of great reads on her blog including her past travel experiences and travels around her home in beautiful Canada.  She has also written a great guide called A Girl’s Guide to Mountain Driving , any girl who plans to go on a road trip should certainly read this post! @spunkygirllogue on Twitter

Suzy Guese

The first thing that caught my eye with Suzy’s blog is her captivating and humorous writing style, it had me hanging off every word!  I’ve spent hours reading her many fantastic posts, reading one then instantly moving onto another and another!!!  If you want to know about travelling in Italy Suzy is the got to girl, she spent time studying in Florence, Sorrento and Sicily and is fluent in Italian (I’m so jealous!).  She also does a weekly segment called Suzy Stumbles Over Travelwhere each week she asks readers and writers to leave their favorite travel posts, videos or websites to be stumbled, commented and tweeted.  @suzyguese on Twitter

D Travels Round

This blog follows the  journey of Diana on her travels through Europe.  Her blog is written in a very entertaining, conversational, satirical style.  Her post The time my liver hated me had me in fits of laughter!!!  @DTravelsRound on Twitter

A Pair of Panties and Boxers

Monica from A Pair of Panties and Boxers is a passionate traveller as well as passionate about writing and global issues.  She has extensive articles on her blog about her previous experiences living and travelling in Chinawhich i found particularly useful while planning my own China travels.  She also regularly posts articles written by guest writer and photographers.  @monica530 on Twitter

Vagabond Quest

Vagabond Quest follows the adventures of Dina and Ryan as they backpack around the world.  Not only do they blog about their adventures certainly inspiring me to check out some new destinations they also have a great series Top Things by Travellers where travelers share their top tips/experiences from around the world. @VagabondQuest on Twitter.

Backpacking Matt

There are a lot of backpacking travel tip blogs out there but Backpacking Matt is certainly one of my favourites and for good reason.  Matt offers really practical tips and advice on issues that are relevant to backpackers right now.  I particularly like his 7 point posts like 7 Challenges of Being a Backpacker and 7 Tips for Successful Long Term Travel.  The tips don’t end there, there are heaps more tips on destinations, travel blogging and travelling on a budget. @backpackingmatt on Twitter

To China and Beyond

A fellow expat living in China, Jessica shares her passion for China and all the tips she’s picked up during her travels around this vast country and beyond.  Jessica has written a series of helpful travel guides for many of the places she has visited throughout China. @chinaandbeyond on Twitter.

501 Places

I’ve just recently become addicted to this blog.  Andy Jarosz shares so much of his wisdom, experience and passion for travel. He has written so many things that not only young travellers like me can learn from but also seasoned travellers including A stranger in need: the traveller’s dilemma of trust and Should we fill our backpacks with gadgets? I often find myself trawling through the archive reading thought provoking story after story not to mention all the amazing pictures of places I’m still yet to visit! @501places on Twitter

Trail of Ants Travel Blog

Other Sites



Experts in gap year travel, volunteer abroad opportunities, TEFL Courses, work abroad as well as Alternative spring breaks and Internships overseas.  I did my 120hr TEFL course with i-to-i and now i’m teaching in China!  @i_to_i on Twitter

IES Global

IES Global  provide a number of cultural exchange programs to get the most out of your experience in China and really learn about the people and the culture. Programs include  Teach & Travel China (which I’m currently doing), China Internship Program and Mandarin and Culture programs.   @iesglobal on Twitter

Travel Dudes

Travel Dudes is a community of travelers whose aim is to assist fellow travellers on their adventures around the world and help enhance their travel experience.  The website is for travellers, by travellers and offers practical tips and advice on destinations, attractions, accommodation and transport options while travelling. @traveldudes on Twitter

Intrepid Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures are the city tour with a difference! In just a few hours you get under the skin of the city you’re visiting with a local getting an in depth look into the life and culture.

I Wish Gap Year

I Wish Gap Year  has a wealth of information for those ready to take the gap year plunge from fantastic Gap Year Guides to visa information and working, volunteering and internship opportunities abroad.  @iwishgapyear on Twitter

This list is ever growing as I discover more fantastic travel blogs and websites!!!


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