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Archive for June, 2012

[ 0 ] June 30, 2012

Reducing the Cost of Solo Travel

They say that travelling with friends or family doubles the fun. More often than not, stress is also doubled when travelling even with dear friends or beloved family members. There are times when we just need to step away from all the stress that life brings. Travelling alone can help us recharge from all the [...]

When in Rome Do as the Romans Do
[ 0 ] June 28, 2012

When in Rome Do as the Romans Do

A visit to Rome is like a visit to a dozen different cities, so great is the scope of its history. Rome’s beauty and fascinating past offers an endless variety of pleasures to its visitors. All a traveller needs to make the most of it is a cheap hotel in Rome, a few Euros in [...]

So long Payphones! Staying in touch while travelling
[ 0 ] June 23, 2012

So long Payphones! Staying in touch while travelling

Today’s post is a guest post from Tracy Burns, who has been travelling and living abroad for the past 2.5 years with her husband and two young children. You can read about her travels at Our Travel Lifestyle.   Arriving at my first hostel after a ten-year travel hiatus it was a huge shock to [...]

[ 0 ] June 13, 2012

Top 5 Things to Do in Cancun

With a history stretching back to the days when Mayans roamed the streets, Cancun’s tropical climate and archaeological sites are a real draw for overseas visitors and flights to Cancun are affordable. Conjure up images of beautiful sandy beaches, clear blue waters, vibrant urban spaces and bustling marketplaces and you will gain an idea of [...]

[ 0 ] June 8, 2012

Glamorous Lake Garda

Now I’m not a camper. I need a plug for straighteners and I need concrete walls, however, the idea of glamping is not something I’m completely adverse to, because hence the word infusion –glamour. Right up my street. Basically, glamping is camping with a bit of luxury thrown in, be it posh stand-alone bath tubs [...]

[ 0 ] June 8, 2012

Website review:

  Researching and booking accommodation can take up a huge amount of time when you are planning a holiday. There’s no shortage of hotel booking websites and aggregators on the Internet today. The tricky thing can be finding one that is actually intuitive to use, has a large database of listings and can finds low [...]