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Cycling Holidays in Europe: Guided V. Self-Guided

[ 0 ] August 2, 2013 |

Cycling holidays have always been a great way to combine sun and leisure with your favourite hobby, and because of their popularity there are organisations like that organise a route for you, booking all the hotels and features along the way.

They’ve become the perfect answer to a full-time working family that can’t afford the time to do in-depth research on their chosen destination to find all the top vistas, vineyards and accommodation. Beyond just organising where to go and what to do, there is the option to go round with an official guide or to navigate the foreign land on your own.


These are the best options for small groups of people, families and couples, especially those who are too busy to spend time researching their holiday while they work at home.

If you’re not so good with a map it shouldn’t need saying that a guide would be best for you, particularly in the remote, rural areas where a wrong turn could take you on a bigger adventure than you expected into a place where no one speaks English. Even seasoned cartographers may wish to take a break from map-reading if the whole family is in tail.

While being left to discover the local wonders on your way is enjoyable, a guided journey would ensure that you don’t miss a trick along the way. Guides will generally have expert area knowledge, knowing the secret joys off the beaten track, which of the local vineyards to visit and when seasonal events are on. The latter is really important around Italy in the summer as lots of villages put on ‘festivals’ of their local produce and culture, which will only last for a weekend.


These are generally better if there is a bigger group of you. 10+ people will generally benefit from their own freedom, which, in itself, has to be the best thing about self-guided cycling holidays: If there is a particular place that the group felt was worth exploring, yet it wasn’t on the mapped path, there’s no one saying that you can’t do so.

Self-guided holidays may also be better for the people who want a challenge when it comes to finding their way around. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t want their holiday handed to them on a plate, they may be the best option.


Self-guided cycling holidays are strong contenders, based on the freedom to roam that they give, but I would say that guided cycling holidays steal the show on the basis that they offer much more local expertise, piece of mind on where you’re going, and the ability to relax, letting someone else do the hard work.

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