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Do You Take Your Bikes Along When You Go Camping?

[ 0 ] July 30, 2013 |

Heatherhall Woods, Ladybank

When many families go camping you sometimes wonder why they have bothered.  They take everything along so they have all the comforts of home and sometimes it can make you wonder why they ever left home in the first place!

Do you really need to get a powered camping site so you can take along your bar fridge?  Sure it solves the problem of keeping everything cold and having fresh milk for breakfast and coffee, but is it really how you want to camp?  The same goes for the microwave.  A microwave should have no place on a camping trip!

How about kid’s toys?  Do you really need to bring Lego, books, an iPad and whatever else your kids are into at the moment?  Isn’t there enough for kids to do without bringing all their toys from home?  Bring your fishing rod and teach the kids to fish instead or go for a hike to find butterflies or fireflies. Hit the public library first and find a “What Plant Is That Book” and take nature hikes to see who can identify the most plant species.

There are so many fun things to do when you go camping that you might even miss out on them if you bring all of your possessions from home.  Not to mention that bringing all that stuff fills up the car and means multiple trips to pack it and to unpack it.  If you have big roomy tents you’ll soon find that they fill up with toys and you need to spend half your holiday tidying up!

So how about the kids bikes?  Should you bring those camping?  There’s an easy way to decide if you should or shouldn’t.  Ask yourself these two questions.

  • Will the kids be able to ride their bikes without me shouting at them every few minutes to be careful, watch out and so on?
  • Are we all bringing bikes so we can cycle together or are my children responsible enough and independent enough to explore a camping area on their bikes without adults?

If the answer is no to either of these questions  think carefully before packing the bikes. Riding should be fun for kids.  The more they practice, the better they get.  If you let them bring their bikes camping they should be able to ride for hours without you worrying about them and constantly checking on them.  After all, they are on holiday too.

Of course if the answer is yes, tailor that camping holiday to include a biking adventure for the whole family. Choose a camping ground that is perfect for the kids to explore solo on their bikes. Pick somewhere with some biking trails nearby suitable for the whole family so you can all get outdoors and make some great family camping memories. Some of the greatest memories your kids may have of camping could be of riding their road bikes all over the campsite with their cousins or friends, not to mention that afternoon riding through the woods to the lake with Mum and Dad to have a picnic and a swim.

So remember to relax next time you are planning a camping trip.  Don’t plan to take everything you own from home.  Don’t take every single toy your children own.  But do plan to get a bike rack for the car so the kids can roam safely on their bicycles.

If you’re lucky they might even let you have a turn!

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