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Finding the New Marrakech

[ 0 ] August 29, 2012 |

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Think of Marrakech, and your mind will probably conjure up images of dusty streets, labyrinthine souks, and bustling market squares. This romantic picture of Morocco’s ‘Ochre City’ will always draw visitors from around the world keen to sample its heady medieval atmosphere, but over recent years Marrakech has also quietly assumed the mantle of North Africa’s style and nightlife hotspot and is living up to its reputation with some success.

With increase of travel to Morocco in 2012, many more people are now finding it possible to experience this reinvented Marrakech for themselves, and with this in mind, here are the top 5 style attractions which you should consider when paying this venerable city a visit:

Majorelle Gardens

The ‘place to see and be seen’, these botanical gardens are the city’s premier destination for the well-heeled flâneur. Set in 12 acres of superbly well-maintained grounds, this is the perfect spot for gathering your thoughts for the day (or night) ahead. Why not take in a simple breakfast at the respectable garden cafe before heading towards your next destination.

majorelle window

Museum of Islamic Art

Whilst this may seem an unlikely stop for those wanting to experience ‘new Marrakech’, fashion icons Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge would most probably disagree with you as the personal collections of both men make up some of the most memorable exhibits on display.

Grand Cafe de la Poste

With twenties style making something of a comeback, this sumptuously outfitted restaurant offers a wealth of culinary and aesthetic distractions. Sit back and revel in the renovated Art Deco detailing whilst sipping on fastidiously made cocktails in the upstairs lounge bar. A treat for the senses.

Djemma el Fna

This most iconic of market squares is within Morocco’s incredible Medina quarter, and yet it still maintains its ability to impress, especially if you visit after dark when the whole area takes on a mystical quality that gives it a life of its own. Part carnival, part exotic food hall, the sensory overload induced by twirling acrobats, itinerant snake charmers and a thousand other distractions should give you more than enough material with which to pepper your after dinner-talks for months afterwards.
Olive Man


The famed Ibiza ‘superclub’ has been open for business since 2004 and gives the city a touch of hedonistic flair. Prepare  to feign cool indifference as you progress through its exotic interior which incorporates two restaurants, a chillout room and a swimming pool as well as the main club itself. Daytime sees a more relaxing programme on offer but of course, it takes the descent of night to really make the place come alive.
Swedish House Mafia's Masquerade Motel, Pacha, 2011

With holidays to Morocco becoming more available, Marrakech is a tempting proposition for any style-oriented traveller, its vibrancy and unique exoticism creating an experience not to be missed.

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