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How To Keep Your Kids Busy On A Florida Holiday

[ 0 ] August 2, 2013 |

Beach fun.

Is it really necessary to keep kids busy every second of a family holiday?  Do you need to make sure that every waking moment is full of activities or sights to keep them occupied?  Or is there a way to strike a happy balance?

The answer probably lies in the age of your children.

Babies tend to sleep for long periods – problem solved!  Toddlers and small children might still need an afternoon nap and this can cut down on the type of activities you are able undertake during the day.  Whilst for older children it might depend on whether they are used to being constantly amused or can happily spend time ‘doing their own thing’. If you have teens, even if they love spending time with you as a family unlike the typical teens you see portrayed in Hollywood flicks, they will still relish a few free afternoons where they are given responsibility for planning their own activities.

On a family vacation in Florida you could plan out every single day and make sure there was a new outing for them to enjoy.  You could run them ragged each day and then enjoy some quiet time at night when they go off to bed exhausted!  And you’d have done your job.  They’ll have fun all day and have a memorable holiday.

Now consider how different it would be if you decided to space the outings out.  If you had 2 weeks in Florida you might decide to go to Disneyland Florida with FloridaTix multiple park tickets for the first full day of your vacation and then space out the other parks across your holiday!

Disney World Trip - Magic Kingdom - Cinderella's Castle

The second day could easily be spent in the pool.  Kids love to swim in the summer and if your kids find this enjoyable you might find they are quite happy to spend the day swimming and relaxing. Chances are you’ll also get to relax too. Think back to how many times during the year you’ve said to yourself “I wish I could have a day where I just sat down and did nothing but read a book for an hour”. Here’s your chance!

Day four might see you back at Sea World, a water park, Epcot or one of Orlando’s other major attractions for an action packed day before following it up with next day with an easier day like exploring an orange grove where you can pick oranges and taste the freshly squeezed juice.  Florida is well-known for its oranges and this can be a fun activity that’s not too tiring for kids. Finish the afternoon at the beach. Surfing, sandcastles and fish’n'chips as the sun goes down.

I see you get the idea now. As you go along spacing out your activity days with rest days you could plan outings to Everglades National Park and use up more days of your Disney pass.  Follow it up the next with an easier day like visiting Key West, where you’ll find the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum.  This might not sound that interesting but a visit here means the chance to see dozens of six or seven toed cats!  And who doesn’t want to try a genuine key lime pie?

Remember to use local parks, the beach and any other place where your kids can run and play.  Kids need a lot less entertaining than you might think; especially if they are in an area they’ve never been before. Pack a ball and some lunch so the whole family can get involved.

Having ‘rest’ days in between busy days can be a great way to make sure your kids enjoy the outings you have planned even more.  This is especially important if you are spending a bit of money to take them sightseeing – no one wants grumpy kids who are tired from the previous week’s daily activities.  Even if it does keep them busy!

Need some help planning your way around Florida? The interactive Orlando Map by FloridaTix will plot your route for you, including all the major destinations, snack stops, restaurants and malls along the way.

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