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The Top Holiday Destinations in the Caribbean

[ 0 ] September 17, 2012 |

A region of lush tropical isles, magical beaches and rich culture, the Caribbean is one of the world’s top holiday destinations. Each year, millions from across the world flock to its sun-soaked beaches and enchanting landscapes. What makes the Caribbean region even more special is the fact that each of its nation’s offers it own unique history, culture and attractions to explore. Whether you enjoy relaxing on tropical beaches, exploring colonial history or just mingling with new cultures, the Caribbean has something for everyone. Here are just a few of the top holiday destinations in the Caribbean.  Check out Virgin Holidays who offer great deals to the Caribbean.

Saint Lucia

Known for its mountainous yet beautiful terrain and unique mix of cultures from across the world, Saint Lucia is always a fun and fascinating place to visit on holiday. Though small, the island is simply packed with amazing natural treasures and interesting attractions such as the Pigeon Island Nature Reserve and the spectacular Soufriere Harbour. Its capital, Castries, offers beautiful seaside views and a wealth of shops and restaurants to explore. Other top attractions and destinations on this enchanting island include its marvellous beaches and the historic city of Soufriere.
Piton Ridge


With its golden beaches, lush tropical scenery and lively culture, Barbados is another top destination for Caribbean holidaymakers. Top attractions on this island include the brilliant Butterfly Beach and the beautiful Botanical Garden. In addition, Barbados also offers excellent dining and nightlife opportunities as well as plenty of recreational activities like swimming, diving, hiking, biking and bird watching. With a rich culture and long history that belies its small size, Barbados is one of the most unique and fascinating holiday destinations in the Caribbean.
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Known for its white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, Antigua is among the most beautiful islands in all of the Caribbean. In addition to its idyllic atmosphere, Antigua also boasts a vibrant culture and plenty to see and do. Saint John’s, its primary city and capital, boasts a wide array of shops, restaurants, cafes and nightlife spots to discover while on holiday. The town of English Harbour offers spectacular views and historic landmarks while Falmouth offers a fascinating glimpse into the island’s British colonial heritage as well as brilliant views from Monks Hill. The exotic and remote western coast of the island offers a chance to relax and enjoy water sports, swimming and sunbathing on world-class beaches.


One of the most celebrated holiday destinations in the Caribbean, Jamaica offers a dizzying mix of rich culture and spectacular tropical beauty to discover. Kingston boasts a wealth of historical and cultural attractions such as Port Royal, the National Gallery of Jamaica and the Hope Zoo and Botanical Gardens while Montego Bay and Negril are renowned for their gorgeous beaches and stunning seaside views. The Blue Mountains in the heart of the country, meanwhile, offer the chance to explore vast stretches of unspoiled tropical forests.

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