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Top Coach Trips for Food in the UK

[ 0 ] August 2, 2013 |

When we think of a gastronomic holiday we automatically think of the vineyard tours of France and Italy, or perhaps a trip round the vast array of German meats, but people rarely consider the culinary gems we have in the UK that we can get to by coach in the UK. From famous costal seafood towns to the cheese makers of the southwest, there is a wealth of food-based enjoyment lying around the UK that will offer you much more for your money than anywhere abroad. Coach holidays to London and the rest of the UK can be found here.

Cheshire Cheese Chase

Chester has Cheshire cheese under its dairy belt as well as close ties to all the goat cheeses of the Welsh valleys. Backed up with the monumental amount of Roman history it has, taking a coach trip to Chester is hard to refuse.

One of the weirdest Cheshire cheese facts comes from a study done in 2005 that looked at the effects that cheese has on dreams depending on the type. Cheshire reportedly gave the quietest nights of all with nearly all people experiencing a dreamless sleep, in great contrast to Stilton which was the most volatile before, but you probably could have guessed that.

Le Roulé soft garlic cheese

Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

In May this year, Bamburgh castle was announced as one of the best places to eat lunch in Britain, as part of a running campaign to encourage outdoor eating. If you’re a fan of picnics, or feel that you should be, then this Northumberland location is probably a good start to take your ad hoc eating to the next level.

There were a number of factors when deciding which were the best spots including ease of access and free entry. Over 10,000 entries were made to get into the top 10 list.


How obvious! The pasty took some flak late last year with the potential introduction of the pasty tax, but it’s still going strong in the SW of England. If, for some insane reason, Cornish pasties aren’t your thing, there is a larger range of Cornish cuisine, ranging from meat pies to fish dishes- the most interesting being a ‘stargazy pie’, which features fishes heads poking out of an egg and potato pie- the only thing they have in common seems to be the pastry.


Edinburgh Haggis Hols

If you’re intrigued by this unusual dish then you’ll probably want to visit its original location, where it’s had plenty of time to be developed into a perfect dish. Looking at the ingredients, you’d think it would need that time too, as it developed in the 1500s through hardships brought by the evil English army. Traditionally, a haggis is a sheep’s stomach filled with lungs, heart, liver and then some oats, onions. You know, standard stuff.

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