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Why Cuba Is A Cool Place To Visit

[ 0 ] May 6, 2013 |

Cuba Beach

Cuba has long been considered a little bit out of the loop.  The country that was once a haven for Americans wanting a quick getaway (flights lasted a mere 60 minutes from Miami) was plunged into the wilderness in 1960 when America enforced an embargo against the nation, accusing it of human rights violations and nationalising businesses and property owned by American interests.

All trade from American companies to Cuba ceased with new laws enacted over the years to ensure that foreign subsidiaries of US companies also did not trade with Cuba.  There are restrictions on boats entering US ports after they have docked in Cuban ports and various other restrictions that ensure trade with this nation is difficult at the best of times.  What trade does occur must be paid for in cash – there are no loans extended to Cuban interests.

Since the 60’s American citizens have actually been forbidden from visiting Cuba for reasons besides humanitarian or educational visits.  All residents of other nations however are free to visit Cuba and do not face the restrictions that US residents must abide by.  Many people are surprised to discover this lack of restriction for all other nationalities.

US residents are actually prohibited from completing any monetary transactions in Cuba.  This makes for an interesting situation where they are effectively banned from visiting another country.  But the rest of us are free to discover the reasons that Cuba might be a cool place to visit!

And that list is a long and interesting one!

A quick internet search will show you that Cuba has almost become stuck in a time warp.  Classic cars from the 40’s and 50’s cruise the streets and are often used as taxis or for full days of sightseeing.  The streets they cruise down are just as quaint.  Old-fashioned buildings and many World Heritage listed sights are available to visit and photograph (though many are now crumbling into disrepair.)

The people are friendly and excited to see tourists in their cities.  Sneaky little pizza stores open in different locations each day to sell piping hot treats for an hour or two until all the stock is gone.  Then they disappear as quickly as they arrived – they are, of course, illegal in Cuba.

Santa Clara helado and street pizzas

Salsa dancing, amazing beaches that look like something straight out of a travel brochure and the world-famous city of Havana are all big drawcards to tourists from all nations looking to be captivated on their travels.

Cuba is a special place that people will be fascinated to hear about when you tell them that you’ve been.

You could conceivably have two very different travel experiences in Cuba.  Cuba travel deals with Air Canada Vacations allow you to plan to have one or both of these!

There are the resorts that offer the all-inclusive style holiday on those white Caribbean beaches.  Places like Holguin and Varadero.  And then there’s the cities.  Destinations like the legendary Havana; where you can visit cigar factories, chat to locals in a street café and experience the sights and sounds of a city where time seems to have stood still.

A visit to Cuba might not be for everyone.  But it’s definitely a country that everyone who visits finds fascinating and enthralling.  Rumour has it that after just one visit you’ll want to return again and again!

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