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*On UR Way Travel is currently not accepting guest post submissions*

I love writing weekly posts (and they will still continue with interesting and inspiring content) but to give the site some fresh new ideas and perspectives I’m opening it up for more contributors.  There are many great opportunities for travel bloggers and photographers to have their work featured on On UR Way Travel Blog and in the magazine.  Below are a list of opportunities to get featured.  If you’re interested in any of these opportunities please get in contact!

Does this sound like you?

I’m looking for enthusiastic, passionate, adventurous travellers and expats interested in life and culture to share their stories, tips and photos from around the world.

On UR Way Magazine

On UR Way Travel Magazine is a quarterly online publication that is designed to inspire people to try new experiences and travel off the beaten track.  Each issue I invite 3-4 contributors to write articles for the magazine.  If you have a story in mind about an off beat destination or experience I would love to hear from you.  Keep in mind the magazine is not a blog so all articles must be written in a professional magazine style, you can still use personal anecdotes but pay attention to tenses.  And as always be consistent with your writing style throughout the piece.

World Experiences

World Experiences “You haven’t experienced (insert country name here) until you have…” is a bi-monthly segment all about getting to the heart of a destination, not only seeing the great tourist sights but also experiencing at least a tiny piece of local life.  If you’re an expat or have travelled in a particular country for an extended period of time and feel that you have some great experiences that you think every traveller should experience to really know that place then I want to hear from you.  In the email please include the destination that you wish to write about, how long you spent there and a brief overview of at least 8 experiences that you wish to share.

Weekly Glimpse

The Weekly Glimpse is a weekly photostory that gives you a glimpse into a destination, culture or attraction.  Once a month I’d like to feature a guest Glimpse.  If you have photo’s that tell a story along a common theme then you could be featured!  Just give me a short description of your photostory and a link to your blog or flickr account.

Random Guest Posts

There are opportunities to guest post across a whole range of areas, I’m particularly interested in gap years, working abroad, expat stories and unusual destinations/experiences. If you have an idea you want to pitch go for it!

Overall Guidelines!

  • Please don’t apply to be featured if you have never before read On UR Way Travel or Magazine.
  • All articles must still follow the basic premise of On UR Way Travel “Inspired to travel the world”, getting off your arse, not holding back, getting out there and taking in the amazing experiences our world has to offer!
  • You must provide a writing sample whether it is a link to a blog, guest writing you have done or a few paragraphs in an email. A warning and I’ve had this before, a sentence or just one paragraph is not enough of a writing sample.  I need to see how your writing evolves throughout the story or article.

So what’s in it for you?

At the bottom of your post will be your author profile as well as links back to your blog, twitter and facebook.  Magazine contributors will get a passport on the magazine contributors page in the magazine as well as an On UR Way Magazine Writers badge that you can display on your blog.

I look forward to adding a whole new fresh perspective to On UR Way Travel!!!  Get in contact if you’re interested in showcasing your work!

*There are only so many featured spots per month but I will seriously consider each and every one.