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Helping Haiti

[ 2 ] January 20, 2010 |

The earthquake that rocked Haiti on Tuesday the 12th of January 2010 has shocked the world.  The sheer devastation and damage is overwhelming  The pictures in this video and on the news are distressing and heartbreaking but they themselves cannot truly convey the devastation, the agony and the emotions the people are going through.

Haiti the poorest country in the western hemisphere had very little and now all they have left is their spirit, their hope and there courage.  I keep thinking to myself if I were there what would I say? What do you say to people whose lives have been shattered in an instant?

The travel community is really getting behind this cause to raise awareness and make a contribution to a country and a community who is in desperate need of our help, love and support.

Madador Change has information on how you can make a difference as well as info on how you can get involved in their volunteer project.

Got Passport has an amazing article with incredibly comprehensive information on donating and volunteering in Haiti.  They are also donating $2 to the cause for every meaningful comment they receive on this article so make sure to leave a comment!!!

Haiti is in desperate need of help and aid.  There are so many worthy organisations dedicated to helping this cause.

You can make a donation at:

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  1. Gday Sasha,

    Thanks for posting something on this. The more people who are exposed to the aid agencies links, the more money that will be attracted to this country who, not just lately unfortunately, is in dire need of help.

    I saw Haiti first hand a few years ago and although there hadnt been a recent disaster when I was there, you could understand how something as horrible as this could happen so easily there.

    Here is my blog on it:
    Earthquake hits Haiti | Nick Bowditch Travel

    Thanks again Sasha

  2. GotPassport says:

    Thanks Sasha for taking the time to write about this and including us as a resource. We simply wish to be that: a resource, a source of inspiration to others to give (time, effort and money) small or large.

    Every bit helps!

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