Annoying Hostel Room Characters

Posted on 29 December 2009 by Sasha

Staying in a hostel is a great way to save money while travelling and meet new people.  But there is always someone who will make sharing a room a difficult task and make you want to fork out the extra dosh for a private room.  Below are some of the annoying characters that I have come across in my travels.



You Space is My Space

This is the person who has no regard for space.  They usually have their pack lying on the floor open with their belongings overflowing onto the floor.  They then proceed to dump their stuff on your bed and everyone else’s bed!!!

The Early Riser

This is the person that gets up really early whether it be to pack their bags or head off early for a day of sightseeing.  They may have an alarm but the most annoying thing is them coming in and out of the room to get their stuff to take to the bathroom because they feel if they get ready in the bathroom they are being much more considerate.

 The All Nighter

This is the person that stumbles in the middle of the night/early morning after a big night out.  Sometimes they will happily pass out on their bed or if they are really annoying they will turn the light on and refuse to turn it off, after all it’s their right to turn it on at 3am.  They may even turn the light on then leave to have a shower or go for a wander and don’t turn it off forcing you to get out of bed and turn off the light!!!

The Long Stay

This is the person that has been staying at the hostel for awhile. They are usually on a working holiday.  The room is usually personalised with their belonging scattered everywhere.  They may have little regard for personal hygiene giving the room a musty stench of sheets that haven’t been changed for months!!!

The Snoozer

This is the person that sets their alarm for some god-awful early hour and doesn’t turn it off instead putting it on snooze going off every 10 minutes for the next hour.

The Colossal Snorer

This is the person whose snores are beyond a rhythmic annoyance.  If you are in a room with this person and you close your eyes you may imagine you are in the Serengeti with buffalos and lions roaring.  You may be awoken by loud gasps and choking sounds.

The Chatter Box

This is the person who will not stop talking whether it be with their friends or anyone else that walks in the room no matter what time of night.  They may be annoying enough to try and strike up a conversation with you while trying to sleep.

The Diseased

This is the person who has come down with some ravenous disease (or cold).  They are constantly coughing, hacking up balls of mucus and blowing their nose.  They will usually have a bag of dirty tissues next to their bed.

The Horn Dog

This is the person who seems to find someone who is willing to get off with them behind a sheet in a dorm room.  The giveaway is the squeaking bunk bed, grunts, yeah baby noises and the sheet or towel used as a not hugely successful privacy screen.

My Horror Story…

If you’re really unlucky you will have a combination of characters!!! The most annoying people I ever had to share a room with was a group of girls who would came in at 3am,turn on the light, refuse to turn it off then proceed to talk loudly for an hour.  To top it off their alarm was set for 6am and did they get up then, of course not they put it on snooze for the next 40 mins!!!  I then woke up to find one of them ironing her clothes on my bed while I was asleep in it!!!

Tips for Keeping the Peace

If you want to avoid being the one who annoys everyone else in the room then follow these simple tips.

  • Be considerate it’s pretty obvious, think about all the other people who are also paying for the room.
  • If you want to go at it like rabbits get a room, a private room!!!  No one wants to hear the noises.  If you are too poor for a private room find a broom closet.
  • Forget about snooze, if you set your alarm for 6am GET UP AT 6AM don’t set your alarm that early if you don’t intend to get up!!!
  • If you are going to stumble in the middle of the night do not turn the light on!!!  Have a torch handy on your bed and make sure your bed is clear of any noisy items that may drop all over the floor causing a racket.
  • Stick to your space do not take up every chair, spare bed and empty corner of the room.
  • There are some things people can’t help like snoring or being sick so keep earplugs handy and have an eye mask ready if you want to sleep in after a big night.


Disclaimer: I am by no means the dream hostel room companion.  I’m known to be an early riser although I do not use an alarm, I’ve also been the diseased one hacking up mucus and I have been known to stumble in the wee hours of the morning forgetting that I have crap all over my bed and making a lot of noise as it rattles to the floor. 

What characters have you come across on your travels?  I’d love to hear your comments!!!

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. The Travel Tart Says:

    Good stuff Sasha.

    I guess the worst possible combination of dorm room buddy is the Diseased Snoring Horn Dog. It is possible for dorm buddies to have multiple characterisitics.

    By the way, here is some irony for you – ‘DORMITORY’ is an anagram of ‘DIRTY ROOM’!! Serious, you can rearrange the letters of ‘Dormitory’ to creat this ironic phrase!

    You know what? I’ve come across a lot of these characters before and wrote about them in ‘Travel Personalities Explained’.

    Have a laugh, because it’s all true!

  2. Sasha Says:

    Hahaha I never noticed that anagram, that is brilliant!!! Imagine if they started advertising 12 bed Dirty Room’s LOL!!!

    The last straw for me that compelled to write this post was the ironing on my bed while i was asleep in it i will never understand where the logic is in that, lucky i didn’t wake up with iron shape burns!!! Normally I’m pretty passive but that made me want to start a fight!!!

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