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How to Get the Best Out of Bodrum in 2013

[ 0 ] February 25, 2013 |

At the heart of Turkey’s sun-drenched southern coast is the Bodrum Peninsula, edged by white sandy beaches, lapped by azure waters and boasting a rich history in its many picturesque towns. The largest of these is also called Bodrum, a buzzing port town that’s a favourite destination for all types of travellers thanks to its great culture, and if you’re planning to head off on flights to Bodrum, here’s how to plan it a trip to remember.

Try the Local Cuisine

The clear waters around Bodrum’s coast provide some of the tastiest seafood around, and during your time in Bodrum you should make it your mission to try as much of it as possible! Grilled octopus and roasted fish like seabass bring out the best of Bodrum’s local produce, and are often served with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and olives, all of which are popular foods of the region. Don’t forget to try the olive bread too – it’s utterly moreish.

Tour the Historical Sites

Bodrum dates back to ancient times, when it was known as the Halicarnassus of Caria, and some of its historical sites (or at least, parts of them) still remain. One of the oldest is the Tomb of Mausolus, which was among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and was constructed in 353 BC! You should also make time to visit the Bodrum Castle of the Knights of St. John, at the entrance to the bay, as well as the fascinating Underwater Archaeology Museum in the castle’s grounds. On display are various finds from shipwrecks in the waters around Bodrum, each telling their own tale of the region’s colourful past.

Get Under the Surface

Many of the best things to do in Bodrum involve that beautiful sea around the coast, but as soon as you see the sparkling turquoise water, you’ll understand why. The warm water provides the perfect conditions for water sports, including water skiing and windsurfing, but if you’re a particularly adventurous type why not try diving? There are hundreds of caves around Bodrum’s shoreline to explore, tropical fish to see and underwater plants to admire, and you’ll be catching a glimpse of a side of Bodrum that very few visitors get to enjoy. When you’re tired out from a day of swimming under Bodrum’s surface, recline on one of the beautiful beaches to watch the sunset over the azure ocean.

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