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In Awe of Ancient Athens

[ 3 ] August 1, 2010 |

I’ve always been fascinated by all things old when it comes to Architecture.  So when I got the chance to go to Greece on my European trip back in 2008 you can’t even imagine how excited I was!  I only got to see a glimpse of Ancient Athens but the glimpse I saw left me in complete awe and yearning to see and learn more about this ancient culture.

The Parthenon

Above: The Parthenon

The day I went to the Acropolis it was a hot sweaty Greek summers day.  The perfect day to turn a dark shade of brown or a bright shade of lobster!  The acropolis was packed though mostly by my tour group who made up 50 of the crowd.  At first It was hard to stand there and imagine this hill top was once a place to worship the pagan Greek gods with the chatter of people in the background and the scaffolding surrounding the Parthenon in an effort to restore it to its former glory.  But once I drowned out the chatter with my thoughts and stared up at the massive Doric columns of the Parthenon standing commanding over the city of Athens I could see how this place was once so inspiring.  In fact it still was.

The Parthenon

Above: The overbearing Doric columns of the Parthenon.

If the Parthenon is the king of the Acropolis then the temple of Erechtheum is the queen. What makes this temple unique is the Porch of Caryatids supported by sculptures of five beautiful maidens. Though smaller the fine details and feminine aspects of this temple really resonated with me.

Temple of Erechtheum

Above: The Temple of Erechtheum

Temple of Erechtheum

Above:The Temple of Erechtheum overlooking Athens.

Temple of Erechtheum

Above: Sunlight steams through the ruins in a spectacular display of shadows.

The Odean of Herodes Atticus Theatre is located on the slopes of the Acropolis.  It was originally built in 161 AD by Herodes Atticus in memory of his wife Aspasia Annia Kegilla.  The amphitheater was used to hold concerts with seating for up to 5000 people and is indeed still used to play host to musical spectaculars.

Odean of Herodes Atticus

Above: Odeon of  Herodes Atticus Theatre.

Looking out from the Acropolis, in the distance you can see Olympieion, the ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus.  This temple was built back in the 6thcentaury BC in dedication to Zeus and the Olympic Gods.  Though there’s not a lot of it left, this temple played an important role in the history of Ancient Greece.  This is definitely a temple I want to go back and see not just from a distance!

Ruins of Olympieion

Above: In the distance the ruins of Olympieion.

Seeing the ancient ruins of Greece was like a dream come true feeding my fascination for history and Architecture.  The ruins of Ancient Athens can only be described as amazing, colossal in size and epic in history. Despite having already visited the Acropolis I would definitely go back on my next trip to Athens.  I relish the chance to find a nice shady spot and stare up in awe at Ancient Athens, pencil and sketchpad in hand sketching the wonders of history!

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  1. Nick Laborde

    I’m amazed at what was accomplished so long ago. I can’t wait to experience that sight myself. I’m sure your awesome photos can’t compare to being there in person.
    .-= Nick Laborde´s last blog ..4 Extreme Budgeting Tips For Saving Some Serious Cash =-.

  2. Sasha says:

    Hi Nick, glad you like the photos! :) But yeah nothing compares to seeing It for real, you will be blown away!!! It is pretty amazing the things they could build without the help of today’s modern technology, makes me think how lazy are we these days! lol

  3. Dina says:

    Did you realize that there’s an office behind the lady pillars at The Temple of Erechtheum? Or at least there “was” an office there a year ago when I went there. It’s hilarious, to put an office in such a spot, and annoying too because I think the lady pillars will look prettier without the black shade and shadow of a person behind it.
    I love the ruins that Greece have.
    .-= Dina´s last blog ..An awe-inspiring day trip from Barcelona- the Monastery of Montserrat =-.

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