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Inroducing Travel Blog Chronicle

[ 0 ] May 29, 2011 |

It was just recently I was trying to come up with a way travel bloggers particularly new bloggers could promote their new posts and share there stories with a greater audience by other means than twitter, stumble upon etc. And then had an idea. Inspired by the “Travel Bloggers” group on Facebook I thought why not start a Facebook group where people could share their latest travel related links, hence I created the Travel Bloggers Chronicles group on Facebook.  But I didn’t want to stop just at creating a group I wanted to come up with something that would both promote and enhance the SEO of travel blogs by providing more links in.  I wanted to create a website that would do just that. Just one week after launching the Facebook group is here!


What is it?

Travel Blog Chronicle is a social bookmarking website that allows users to submit their travel related stories to feature in any of 5 different categories: Travel Tips, Destinations, Volunteering, Culture and Working Holidays.  Each submitted article has a short description with the title linked back to the original URL.  When the story titled is clicked readers are redirected to the original post.


How do I submit my story?

Click on the “Submit Story” button on the top navigation bar and you will be redirected to the 3 step story submit. 

Step 1: Submit the story URL.

Step 2: Choose your category, write a short description and add tags.

Step 3: Review your posting and if your happy with it hit the submit button.  Your post will now appear in the new story page.

Rules: Please only submit travel related posts from blogs ONLY.  Only one post per blog per day is permitted, this is to ensure things are fair and that one blog doesn’t take up the whole stream. Blogs can be both a personal blogs or a corporate blog such as a tour operators blog.  However if you are a corporate blog please do not submit posts in regards to specials, deals or other promotional material, this website is strictly for stories or informative, helpful articles.  If these rules are broken your submission will be removed by admin.


Get social!

Travel Blog Chronicle is more than just a listing and a place to promote your stories it’s also a place to interact with the travel blogging community! Users can vote for stories, comment on them and even create groups around a common interest for example Living in Bangkok or Round The World Travel.  Be a good user, share the love and vote for the stories you like, the most popular stories will feature on both the popular and home pages.


Who can join?

Anyone can join, you don’t have to be a blogger to submit stories.  You can submit stories from any travel blogs around the bloggersphere providing the story hasn’t already been submitted. And remember it’s not just about submitting, it’s about getting social, voting, commenting and discussing!


More exciting features to come!

This is the first time I’ve ever created a CMS website so subsequently there are going to be a few teething problems over the next couple of weeks.  Over the next couple of months I’ll be working on integrating the website with Facebook and Twitter giving you the ability to log on using those accounts.  I’ll also be adding a feature so that all new stories will be posted onto the Travel Blog Chronicle twitter account @TBlogChronicle.  Soon I’ll be adding a contact form feature, currently If you need to get in contact you can email me at info(at)  I also want to add more user features with more comprehensive profiles that will include a short bio and links to any social networks as well as an award system for the best users.


So what are you waiting for sign up now and start promoting your travel blog!


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