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Tag: "Culture"

World Experiences: Turkey
[ 4 ] August 11, 2011

World Experiences: Turkey

Turkey is a fascinating country bursting with culture and history. In this installment of ‘World Experiences’ Jack shares his top tips for really experiencing Turkey. You haven’t experienced Turkey until you have…

Travel Moment: Getting a Henna Tattoo
[ 1 ] May 3, 2011

Travel Moment: Getting a Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo’s are traditional, decorative temporary tattoo’s from India. Getting a Henna Tattoo was on my Singapore bucket list and check it off I did!

Crossing the road in Bangkok
[ 0 ] November 28, 2009

South East Asia

South East Asia is a region with a melting pot of vibrant cultures, diverse religions and unique and fascinating history. The temperate is warm and tropical, the food amazingly flavoursome and the people are some of the nicest most welcoming people you are likely to meet anywhere in the world.