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Should I take another Gap Year, am I MAD???

Posted on 05 January 2010 by Sasha

I’m taking another Gap Year so I must be either really crazy or incredibly smart!!!

It’s no secret that I’m an advocate of the Gap Year you only have to look at this website to see that!!!  Now at the incredibly wisdom full age of 21 this will be the 4th year since I finished school.  I took two Gap Years when I finished school and it took me that long just to get over the insanity and stress of study that had nearly sent me to the loony bin.  It took me that long to completely change my mind about where I wanted to go in my life and to realise that I didn’t need to plan out every step.  It took travelling for me to realise that travel is what I needed to do with my life and insanely that is what caused me to spend this past year studying (tourism).

I realised just the other day that I have spent so many years as ‘Gap Years’ that if I were to ever actually settle down and stop setting off on adventures then I would technically have to call that my ‘Gap Year!!!’  Now despite my love of ‘Gap Years’ and although I’m insanely obsessed with travel, deciding to take 2010 as another Gap Year was not exactly a straightforward decision, I had many more conflicting opportunities competing for supremacy.

So what would I do in 2010 I had three options; Continue Studying and get a higher qualification, get a job in a travel agency or work overseas.  I really enjoyed my year studying learning about the ins and outs of the tourism industry, it has made me so much better informed for my own travels and indeed for this website.  However the idea of continuing to be a poor student and only get to travel for one month of the year was not going to stop that really annoying itch on my feet.  Option two, get a job in a travel agency, great in theory, discount travel products getting to talk about travel and most of all sending people away on their dream trips but this still didn’t sit right.  So option three and the one most people had a problem with, work overseas.

Ever since I had gotten back from my mid year month long trip to South East Asia I knew that I couldn’t continue studying in 2010, my heart was no longer in it.  When the opportunity arose to teach English in China I immediately jumped on it!!!  I had always wanted to do the whole ESL teacher thing and within a week I had booked and paid for it!!! 

Now of course everyone had an opinion!!!  There was a mentality from many people that I was throwing away everything I had worked for in my studies or that I was mental for even wanting to go to a place such as China where ignorantly people only associated with communism and the bad press it gets in the west.

Never to be hugely swayed by opinions I stuck to my ethos Do It While Your Young!!!  (I just don’t tell them the next line of my ethos which says keep doing it until your to old too be allowed to fly!!!)

I’m in the home stretch now leading up to my next great adventure due to begin at the end of February for 6 months but maybe more.  I’m happy with my decision to take another ‘Gap Year’ who ever regrets travelling!!! and who knows it may turn from a ‘Gap Year’ to simply my way of life.

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Finding Work Abroad

Posted on 06 December 2009 by Sasha

Looking for a job abroad can be a very daunting task.  There are many great programs and sites that are designed to make finding work and setting up temporary home in another country a breeze. Many of these programs make it possible to secure your job before you leave home making the whole process a lot less stressful.

Alternatively you can obtain a visa and look for jobs once you arrive in the country.  A great place to start is local newspapers and expat publications.

Anywork Anywhere is a fantastic job search site that lists jobs from all over the world across a huge range of industries you simply choose where you would like to work and what kind of jobs you’re after.

Global Work & Travel is a fantastic company that is dedicated to taking the stress out of finding work abroad.  They have exclusive deals with employers across a huge range of industries.  Not only do they help you land a job before you leave they also provide on going support once your there, help you find accommodation and provide fantastic travel packages and discounts.

International Exchange Programs (IEP) is a non-profit organisation that can help with all areas of a working holiday or volunteer trip. From visas, insurance and travel advice before you leave to jobs, housing, bank accounts, tax file numbers and social events when you’re living overseas. With programs in Canada, the UK, the USA, Ireland and a range of volunteer destinations, this is an affordable way to get your trip sorted.


Check out these other great working holiday programs…


Student Placement Australia

What kinds of jobs are out there?



Hospitality is one on the most popular industries for working holiday makers with jobs easy to come by with little or no experience required.  There are lots of opportunities to work in pubs, hotels, resorts and on cruise ships.  The downside with hospitality jobs is that they often pay low wages with long working hours, however they are great for travelling with most positions requiring you to be contracted for no more than 3 to 6 months.

Find Hospitality Jobs


Work at a Summer Camp

Working at a summer camp as a camp counsellor is a great job for active people who love to work with children.  As a counsellor you are responsible for a group of children as well as numerous camp activities.  There are an abundance of camp jobs in the USA and Canada, there are also a select few in Europe available to EU passport holders.  Placements typically last from 2 to 3 months and accommodations, meals and insurance is usually included.  It most cases they will require you to have previous experience working with children in a leadership role whether it be as a team captain or sports coach or volunteering with community projects.

Find Summer Camp Jobs

Au Pair

As an Au Pair you will work for a family caring for their children.  Jobs are widely available throughout Europe and the USA and there are many professional placements services that work to find the most suitable match for you and a family.

Find Au Pair Jobs

International Au Pair Association


Seasonal Work

Seasonal Work as the name suggests is short term work based on seasons.  The most common seasonal jobs are working at ski resorts, summer resorts, fruit picking and agriculture.

Find Seasonal Work


Teaching English

There are lots of opportunities to teach English abroad.  In developing nations English teachers are sought after and highly valued.  To get a paid teaching placement most schools with require you to have a TEFL or TESOL qualification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). There are a great range of these courses available including weekend courses and online courses.  Check out i-to-i for a fantastic range of online and combined TEFL courses and organised teaching placements and internships.

Find TEFL Jobs

Teachers Assistant with Letz Live

Working as a teacher’s assistant in a top boarding school is a great way to gain valuable experience that looks great on your CV.  Letz Live run a placement service placing recent school leavers and University graduates in schools throughout the UK, Singapore, Thailand, Canada and more.  You will get paid a weekly allowance, enough to fund much of your travels and will receive free accommodation and meals at the school where you are placed.  If your lucky enough you may even get to go on an all expenses paid trip with the school!!!

For more info on working abroad check out Working Abroad Magazine.

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