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Travel Moment: Bangkoks Panda’s and Monks

[ 2 ] June 7, 2011 |

Monks and Pandas

It was a strange sight to see in Bangkok, Monks together with Pandas in the park across the road from the National Museum. It was a sweltering day in early July as I watched them set up the park in preparation for the beginning of the Buddhist Lent Festival, a festival that signifies the beginning of monsoon season when the Monks go into retreat for a few months.  The main event of the Buddhist Lent Festival is the Candle Procession where giant, ornately, carved candles are presented to the Monks to signify the beginning of their hibernation.  But it wasn’t the giant candles I found the most entertaining but these giant Pandas running around with the Monks.

I was lucky enough to be observing this event with a local guide, he told me that when he was in University he too was once one of these Pandas.  He told me the horror stories of spending hot afternoons baking in these big, highly insulated Panda suits.  I couldn’t even imagine the amount of sweat and discomfort one would have!

One big question I do have is what’s the deal with Panda’s in Thailand? They’re not even native yet they’re on souvenirs everywhere!  If anyone knows what the deal is let me know in the comments!

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  1. Sasha says:

    It’s so cute isn’t it!!! And so colourful!!! :)

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