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At this point in time: September 2010

[ 2 ] September 3, 2010 |

At this point in time I’m sitting in my apartment on the 8th floor of a high rise overlooking the Xujiahui skyline sluggishly writing this post after yet another big night out on the Shanghai town!

Shanghai Apartment

If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed that I have been rather absent from the social media scene for the past couple of months, which means mission success going incommunicado to travel!  From July 2 up until the end of August I was backpacking around the amazing country that is China focusing predominately on the south.  Below my travels in a nutshell.

  • I went to 12 different provinces where I visited approximately 15 different towns and cities.
  • I spent 88 hours on trains.
  • I spent 55+ hours on buses and even more catching busses in the wrong direction then back the right way!
  • I made countless new friends.
  • I got bitten by fleas in rural China.
  • I saw the most stunning sunrises from the summits of both Emei Shan and Huangshan.
  • I cruised the mighty Yangtze.
  • I kayaked down the Li River.
  • I was scammed on more than one occasion!
  • I learnt that I can live without my morning coffee.
  • At one time or another I travelled solo, with good friends or with my Dad who used me living in China as an excuse to finally come here!

So how incommunicado did I manage to stay while travelling?  Well I couldn’t resist using the free wifi to check my emails but I did however manage to resist the urge to go on facebook and twitter.  My plan of using the time on buses and trains to do work was an absolute fail, I spent most of that time sleeping and listening to my ipod!

Me on the summit of Huangshan!

What am I doing now?

So I’ve now been in Shanghai for about 2 weeks, most of that has been spent partying with my roommates (Shanghai night life rocks).  As well as partying I have been teaching kindergarten, spending alot of time at the supermarket and even made a stop at ikea! It’s all been happening the last couple of weeks, I even had to take a last minute visa run to Hong Kong which despite the inconvenience was a great opportunity to do all the things I didn’t get to do when I was there 6 weeks ago!

So what can you expect from On UR Way Travel now that I’ve stopped travelling and am starting to curb back the partying?

  • I have so many stories and tips from travelling my adopted country China so keep an eye out for some exciting tales to come.
  • I’ll also be starting a new series “On the cheap, City Guides” The first one will either be Shanghai or Hong Kong.  What would you like to see as the first city guide? Leave your comments below!
  • The 3rd issue of the magazine is rather behind schedule thanks to not getting any of the work done I intended to do whilst travelling.  It will definitely be out before the end of this month. Yet again it will be jam packed with stories from amazing contributors as well as inspiring photography!
  • I’m tossing up whether or not to start an email newsletter.  Is that something you would be interested in signing up to? Do you even read all the newsletter you are subscribe to already or are you like me and trash them straight away?  Leave your comments!
  • If your travelling China soon and want tips on the culture or a destination chances are I can help you out so If I haven’t already covered it then leave a comment on what you would like to read about!  This helps me decide what to post when!
  • A few months back I started a series called World Experiences… You haven’t experienced (insert country name here) until you have…” I’d really like to get this series up and running, this is your chance to share your world experiences, getting to the real heart of a destination and it’s people. If you’re interested in contributing please drop me an email.
  • I’ve recently updated my fave sites page.  Check out the awesome new additions, guaranteed good reads!
  • If your reading this chances are you will have noticed the whole new look for On UR Way Travel! Hope you like this new fun, young and funky design!!!  Feedback is much appreciated.  There are still a few bugs to sort out so if you notice anything a bit odd please let me know!

To all those people who have decided to travel to China in the next 12 months look me up, I’ll be sure to give you a tour of my Shanghai!

I want to say a big thanks to everyone who has continued to read my blog, leave comments and RT my posts.  I really appreciate it and hope you continue to enjoy reading about my adventures and seeing all my pics!

If you want to stay up to date will all the cool new things coming up for On UR Way Travel then be sure to subscribe to the RSS Feed.

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  1. Stephanie

    Awesome and good for you! Not sure I could swear of Twitter for that long.

    Really excited to meet you in Shanghai next month!

  2. Sasha says:

    Thanks Steph! :) Bring on Shanghai fun! :D

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