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Video: Beijing Acrobatics Show

[ 2 ] April 22, 2010 |

Beijing Acrobatics Show from Sasha @ On UR Way Travel on Vimeo.

When in China you most certainly should check out the amazing Beijing Acrobatics Show at the Chaoyang Theatre.  From the moment I walked into the theatre my jaw was dragging along the floor all the way to my seat.  Buff, lean and flexible acrobats were right before my eyes manipulating their bodies into positions that I didn’t think were physically possible. 

I feel sorry for the person stuck sitting next to me hearing my constant exclamations of  ‘oh wow, ooooooh, ahhhhh, oh my’ and then my excited squeal when I saw the Australian native Sulphur Crested Cockatoo fly onto the stage for the finale.  The Beijing Acrobats were clearly insane, balancing at ridiculous heights doing  tricks that only mad and determined people would ever try to attempt.

I couldn’t help but admire all their hardwork.  To the Beijing Acrobats this is not just an art form this is their whole lives.  They spend hours upon hours practicing tricks and training to maintain their strength and flexibility.  Most start training from as early as 6 years old.  They attend special schools where at least half the day is dedicated to training and the other half to a classic education.  They are then expected to practice in the afternoons and in the mornings before school begins.  Although I admire their determination I also feel sad that they loose their childhood (but that’s a whole other post).

This video only gives you a taste of how spectacular this show really is.  In fact I was far too amazed at what I was watching and missed filming all the best bits!!! If you’re ever in Beijing I would recommend you fork out the 130RMB (Cheapest Single Ticket) to see this show, it’s well worth it and you will leave with some spectacular memories!!!

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