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[ 0 ] June 8, 2012 |


Researching and booking accommodation can take up a huge amount of time when you are planning a holiday. There’s no shortage of hotel booking websites and aggregators on the Internet today. The tricky thing can be finding one that is actually intuitive to use, has a large database of listings and can finds low rates. I was recently invited to review one of the newer hotel and resort, As nomad’s we’re regularly booking accommodation online so I’m hoping to provide a good honest review of the website.

STEP 1: Starting a search

Remember that line from the movie Jerry Maguire, “You had me at hello”. had me impressed as soon as the homepage loaded because right in the middle of the page was a prominent, no chance to miss it, uncluttered search function. Perfect! I’m here to look for accommodation and there’s no mistaking what the purpose of this website is nor how to start looking for what I want when there is a large ‘Where do you want to stay’ box in the middle of the screen.

The search function is simple to use, with the live search giving you location options to choose as soon as you start typing in the location name. Date fields have built in calendars and as soon as you choose the Check-In date the Check-Out date calendar pops up. That’s perfect as it saves me a step! I also liked that you don’t have to enter actual dates to search for properties. Useful if you just want to get an idea of what accommodation is available in a particular location. Of course searching without dates means that prices are not displayed for the results, but they tell you that.

STEP 2: Search Results

Overall the results page was one of the best thought out accommodation search results pages I’ve seen. All of the immediate information I would need to choose whether or not to look further into a particular property is displayed on the search result page. Room prices and types, thumbnail pictures of the property, star rating and overall Trip Advisor rating.

The map display option that places the property in relation to other properties returned in the results was really useful. The site also has a nice little “compare” feature that allows you to select a number of properties to compare in side-by-side list of features.

Apart from that, the search results had all the features that you see on similar sites, like the ability to sort and further narrow down the results without having to redo the search.


STEP 3: Choosing a properties:

Once you have clicked though to the “View Accommodation” page for a particular property you will see a huge amount of information about that property, including photos, room rates, hotel details and most importantly from my point of view, Trip Advisor reviews.

Again, I’m impressed with the layout – almost everything I want to know is located at the top of the screen – price, photos and overall review rating.

The only thing that wasn’t displayed was whether breakfast was included or not in a room rate. To find this I had to click on each individual room type. Generally overall price, number of people and whether breakfast is included are the three things I need to know so it was a little frustrating not to be able to see this information at first glance.

The other thing I found myself frustrated with was that only the 5 most recent Trip Advisor reviews were displayed and there was no way to view more reviews. On the particular property I was looking at it had 67 reviews through Trip Advisor but only displayed the most recent 5 reviews. It does have a facility to allow me to filter the comments to things that are important, like “Couples” or “Families” but I still only get to see 5 results. I would have liked to the ability to see all of the reviews, even if it was just a link to that property on Trip Advisor.

I did like that the ‘compare’ feature was also built into the property listing page so that I could access a side-by-side comparison of the different room types I might be interested in.

STEP 4: Reservation process

Clicking the “Book Now” button takes you to a screen that provides all the information you need to double check that you are booking the right place and room for the right dates. It’s clearly laid out and easy to read with very little clutter. 


Overall I like the site. It made booking a cheap hotels & resort a very simple process from the start to finish. The processes are efficient and they’ve clearly given a lot of thought to not only layout and process flow but what information people really want to know when booking accommodation.

As a nomad who tends to stay in budget accommodation, most of the properties listed are resorts and hotels so for the most part they’re not in the price range that we would normally choose. But in comparison to other hotel booking sites I’ve looked at, the prices are very reasonable and it would be a great search aggregator for most holidaymakers. The website offers a “lowest rates” guarantee with listings up to 80% off. One thing that I would have liked to see would be a listing of all properties in a particular region, say Europe or Asia, that are currently listing their rooms at 80% off.

My only major criticism is not allowing people using the site to either link through to view the property reviews on Trip Advisor or giving us the option to view all reviews right there on the page.

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