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Why I wish I was Vishnu & how it would help my blogging…

[ 2 ] April 6, 2011 |

I love writing, I always have.  When I was young I wrote stories about green aquatic people with pixie ears, in high school when I was a bit emo I wrote poetry and as an adult with a travel problem I started writing about travel.  That’s how this blog started, that’s how I ended up with a online magazine and that’s how I ended up just recently launching a new Shanghai lifestyle website, Shanghai Novice.  Now when I put that all down in writing it looks like I’m some multitasking superhuman I WISH! Don’t get me wrong I’m a hard worker with a lot of ambition but what I’m not exceptional at is multitasking.  If only I could be more like Vishnu then all my multitasking issues would be solved!

I recently saw a picture of  Vishnu the Indian God and couldn’t help but be jealous, Vishnu has four arms!  As a travel/culture/lifestyle blogger I often find myself stretched pretty thin.  My mind is never quite sure what section it should be thinking in, the travel, the lifestyle or the culture section.  Then is the other complication, what I do for a living.  Yes people I have a paying job, well three of them to be precise, I teach primary school, kindergarten and do freelance graphic design so there’s three more things to worry about! But it gets worse!  I’m also a university students. Yes between taking all those ‘Gap Years’ I never actually had the time to get myself a degree. Now I don’t for a minute regret travelling instead of slaving away at Uni for three years but China made me realise that if I ever want a good job or working visa for any other country other then Australian then I need a degree. So that’s how at 22 I ended up going to University in Australia all without leaving my couch in China! (Oh the beauty of online learning!)

Back to Vishnu. So with all these things I have to consume my time (and that doesn’t even include partying) I was thinking how great it would be to have four arms! That’s four hands to type with! How much better would my blog be if I could multitask on divine levels, get those posts scheduled up so no one ever again would have to land on my homepage and think “look how slack she is, she hasn’t updated for 6 weeks!”

But having four arms requires responsibility, it is a gift that should be used wisely. So after giving this four armed business careful consideration I’ve figured out just how I would delegate my four hands.  One would be dedicated to writing On UR Way posts, the next dedicated to editing the Online Magazine, the next would be dedicated to writing and editing for Shanghai Novice, the next would be dedicated to finally editing all the film I’ve captured on my travels, the next…oh wait Vishnu only has four hands, dammit I need one more to check my emails then I’m done with the arms.  No wait! I forgot I still have to get paid! Oh why couldn’t I be an Indian God who could grow extra arms as needed!

It would be rude of me to simply be envious of Vishnu for all his arms, after all Vishnu is a God with feelings. There’s a lot more to be envious of then merely having four arms because Vishnu gets to do some pretty awesome things that I’m equally envious of.

As Vishnu…

…you can enjoy a lovely foot massage while taking in the stunning sea scenery, hey this could be the Mediterranean or this could be Thailand, I’m not fussy!…

…you could hang out at waterfalls in Brazil, Tahiti, Zambia and Canada when ever you wanted! Who doesn’t love the sound of waterfalls!…

…you could fly wherever and whenever you wanted, no buying tickets, no waiting in line at customs and no spending money!…oh and you get to hang out with elephants!

So I’ve realised I’m not jealous of all of you on your round the world trips, I’m jealous of a much diviner being, the four armed, multitasking master, travelling, free foot massage receiving Vishnu.  If only I was Vishnu I could be a travel/culture/lifestyle blogging queen!

*Ok maybe I wouldn’t want snakes coming out of my head head…unless I could delegate them some tasks, I know, they can teach the 3 year olds!

As a blogger, traveller, or worker do you sometimes wish you could be more like Vishnu? How do you deal with multitasking, how do you stay on top but most of all stay sane?

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  1. Iain Mallory says:

    I hear you Sasha, would not even have to pause the typing to drink my coffee/wine, Vishnu you are my kinda god! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I agree that four arms could really be helpful but you still need to be able to focus on the many different things all at once.

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